Grundarfjörður falls near Grundarfjörður, Iceland_DSC0593.jpgGlacial lagoon, JökulsárlónWest Iceland LighthouseWest Iceland LighthouseIce fragment on the black beach, JökulsárlónWest Iceland LighthouseLagoon, Snæfellsnes peninsulaGlacial lagoon, JökulsárlónReindeerLittle Black Church at Búðir - Snæfellsnes Peninsula, IcelandLandakotskirkja Church, ReykjavicStreet photography, ReykjavicSmall village, northern IcelandSunset, location unknownSunset, location unknownBoat yard Graffiti, ReykjavicBoat yard Graffiti, ReykjavicBoat yard Graffiti, ReykjavicBoat yard Graffiti, ReykjavicBoat yard Graffiti, ReykjavicBoat yards of ReykjavicBoat yards of ReykjavicFor this man, life doesn't get much better than enjoying a smoke, a glass of wine and a good book!Street scene, ReykjavicVolcanic RimFull Moon over Iceland ChurchDettifoss is a waterfall in Vatnajökull National Park in Northeast IcelandAtlantic PuffinsGeothermal activityGeothermal activityThe Goðafoss is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland.Iceland HorsesIceland HorsesNW IcelandIcelandic ChurchGeothermal plant near ReykjavicGeothermal plant near ReykjavicSolfar (Sun Voyager), a well known landmark, ReykjavicGeothermal pool near ReykjavicGeothermal plant near ReykjavicHallgrímskirkja is a Lutheran parish church in ReykjavíkLava fieldLava fieldBruarfoss, western IcelandA set of falls near Kerlingarfjöll, IcelandOnly the hardiest of plants survive in the highlands of Iceland. Here a willow grows close to the ground  to survive the harsh elements and gather moisture.Abstract of ship portalAbstract of Harpa; Harpa is a concert hall and conference centre in Reykjavík, Iceland.Abstract of HarpaAbstract of Harpa_DSC9743-Edit-3.jpgBlack beach near Vík í MýrdalLighthouse at Dyrhólaey Headland, IcelandOh so curious!Bruarfoss, western Iceland_DSC9910-Edit.jpgStreet scene, ReykjavicStreet scene, Reykjavic HarbourStreet scene, Reykjavic Harbour_DSF1895.jpgStreet scene, ReykjavicStreet scene, ReykjavicStreet scene, ReykjavicDried FishDried Fish_DSF1993.jpgThermal pool, LandmannalaugarIce Cream Store, AkureyriWindow Shopping, Akureyri_DSF2669-Edit.jpgc34-_DSC9372-Edit-2.jpgDyroley-Panoramic.jpgIceland_Panorama.jpg_DSC0321-Edit.jpgBlack beach near Vík í Mýrdal_DSC0416-Edit.jpgStreet scene, AkureyriStreet scene, AkureyriTony, Glacial Ice FieldAbstract, Glacial Ice FieldGrundarfjorður FallsClaudiaTonyTungaá and Jökulgilskvísl river, IcelandNear Tungaá and Jökulgilskvísl river, IcelandVolcanic crater near LandmannalaugarVolcanic crater near LandmannalaugarDettifossLandmannalaugar regionLandmannalaugar regionLandmannalaugar regionLandmannalaugar regionLandmannalaugar region

These images of Iceland were taken late July, early August 2012. The photography trip was led by Johnathan Esper with five photographers; visit his web site at Wildernesscapes Photography.  For two weeks we circled Iceland, photographing spectacular waterfalls, lava fields, churches, lighthouses, puffins, Iceland horses. fields of flowers, glaciers and ice on black beaches.  Johnathan’s Iceland tour was a great way to see and photograph Iceland and was great value for the money!